Taste the Rainbow!

Hi dear readers!

Photography by Sebastian Max Vlodovic

Running late with hunts we are, but I promise this one is short. The Taste the Rainbow Hunt has only a few stops so you can hunt them all in just a little time. Isn’t that just totally awesome?


Hunt Prize: “Titania” Fairy Wings by Deviance (they move!). Dress by Kaithleen, shoes by Gos (not from the hunt)

It starts in the beautiful Carnivale sim, but the locations aren’t actually numbered, so you can hunt in any order you like.


Precious “Apsara” wings by Illusions. I just love the detail, and they have also lots of beautifully detailed masks

Then we keep hunting and come into fantastic places like this burlesque shop. Most pictures were taken in the hunt locations, which I’m definitely landmarking for photoshoots.


“Sweet Rose Valentine” Burlesque set by DeviousMind (it comes with accesories and Lolas Tango appliers

Some places offer more than just one gift and they’re all fab!


“Primal Rainbow Tiger” Corset and lingerie by Blacklace. “Rainbow Kisses” Makeup by Blacklace Beauty. “Taste the Rainbow” Bag by Lil Lace.


“Lady Rainbow” Flower print pants by Faster Pussycat.


“A Rainbow” decoration by WetCat; gown by The White Armory (not from the hunt)

This one wasn’t taken on the store sim (it’s rezzable). And isn’t it just adorable? ๐Ÿ™‚


All tops by Plastik.

All these tops can be found at the Plastik location, and also a set of piercings (not pictured).


All tops by Plastik


“Franklin C.” Glider Butterfly by Studio Sidhe


“Rainbow Cottage” by Chic Buildings, includes all planters


“Alexis” Hair by Alice Project (it comes in more colors, not pictured). I wore the white so you could see the subtle rainbow streaks


“Metallic” Lipsticks by Pink Fuel (they come in a full fatpack of colors and I just randomly picked a few ones)


Horn, stars tiara and tail by Aisling ; the wand is the box they come in but it’s also a freebie available by the landing point near the MM board. Pants by The Sea Hole (not from the hunt, store closed)

The hunt ends today Sept. 03, so hurry up ๐Ÿ™‚

(thanks again to my beloved Max Vlodovic for helping me with the photography).

All hunt prizes from theย Taste the Rainbow Hunt (L$0 , ends today Sept. 03, start location here)

Not free/not available:
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Hair: Diva, W&Y
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics
Jewelry: Desire Earrings by Finesmith
Shiny Glowing Contacts: Ethereal Contacts by NANET (store not open yet)
Clothing (other than hunt prizes): The White Armory, Kaithleen, The Sea Hole
Shoes: Gos, +9, Pixelmode
Shape: my own

Location: Mostly the hunt locations ๐Ÿ™‚


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