Hair Fair Rhodium aka Redhead

Hair Fair is here – but not for long it ends on July 26. So go now and get all the gifts. I did (crashing many times and trying every trick out there to get in every one of the Hair Fair sims). Aaand… first comes Rhodium since I’m kinda partial to redheads 😉

Disclaimer: * I’m using my own hair (Truth Becky in red which is an old gift) to try most of the gifts that weren’t hair, such as accesories or jewelry *

From left to right:

From left to right: TSM Pearl Persuasion, Iconic Gia, no.match Dandelion (THE GIFT IS THE FLOWER ACCESORY), Adoness Soyala (hair and earrings), Moon Tangerine

From left to right:

From left to right: Blueberry circlet and Adoness earrings (THE GIFTS ARE THE ACCESORIES, Fiore Nia, Oleander Larkin (look at the cute hair pin on the side), Mai Own Angel (fatpack)

From left to right:

All these hairstyles from Alli&Ali. Some of them are actually for men but I included them anyway 🙂

You may follow the red arrows 🙂 There are many more other gifts that either did not fit very well, or didn’t look that good on me, or weren’t my style. Do get them all and try them all on so you can know what will look the best and nicest and cutest on you 😉 Remember, every store has a gift!


All hair (except the red ponytail with the headband): Hair Fair 2015 Rhodium FREE L$0
Accesories: Hair Fair 2015 Rhodium FREE L$0

Not free/not available:
Red Ponytail Hair: Truth Becky (old gift)
Dress: Kaithleen
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics and JesyDream
Jewelry: Tannhauser (at The Chapter Four)
Slink feet; Slink fingernails for default hands
Shape: my own 😉

Location: Hair Fair 2015: Rhodium Sim (Redhead)


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